– The ‘True’ Costs Of A Small Business Website

Building a website is important for small businesses. It’s so important that building a website should be the first task on their ‘list.’ Most small businesses, however, have difficulty building a website that’s ultimately effective at communicating their main message and purpose to their visitors. That’s why they usually turn to a web design company (such as to help develop and design an ideal website. The problem is most small businesses don’t realize how much their new website can cost.

How much does a website cost? The answer to that question is usually, ‘as much as you are willing to pay for one.’ Websites, much like anything with a perceivable value (which is most products and services), cost as much as a web designer and/or web developer is willing to charge. In other words, you’re more or less paying for their time, effort and the costs it takes to develop and design a website. Sometimes, the entire design process determines the cost for the website; in other cases, it’s the development and implementation of the site that does. Depending on the type of site you’re looking to get in return, the cost will vary.

Websites are said to have a ‘general price range.’ The price range is based on four different parameters: less than $1,000 USD, $1,000-$2,500 USD, $5,000-$2,000 USD and $5,000+ USD. The lowest priced websites are typically basic websites. These site more or less amount to a ‘business card,’ allowing people to have a basic web presence without worrying about the complicated aspects of website marketing. In the next price tier, websites get a bit more complex in terms of strategic marketing and design.

Most small businesses benefit from getting websites in the third price tier. Web designers and web developers who work at this price provide a comprehensive service that ultimately supports their business and website goals. The most expensive and last price tier is best utilized by businesses with large websites, since they usually need the ‘manpower’ to manage, design, develop and strategically maneuver their site.

Small businesses usually don’t need an incredibly intricate and complexly managed website. They usually need something that best communicates the goals of their business and their site. While it’s okay to start with a basic website, investing in a slightly more expensive business website will give small businesses the ‘boost’ they need to establish their web presence.